Thank God It’s Friday At Long Beach (TGIFALB). My newly formed acronym for what should be a great day here at Long Beach! I must admit, I’ve become somewhat pessimistic with coin shows. One of my New Years resolutions was to rediscover that positive outlook that I once held for these events. I’m pleased to report that what happened yesterday at Long Beach provided true promise for the market and hope for future shows. I found little time to escape the table to search for want list coins, which means I was selling and buying coins virtually all day. Liberty Seated Dollars remain hot here at the DORC table, followed by Bust and Seated Half Dollars.

I picked up a couple of wonderful newps, an 1860-S Liberty Seated Dime in NGC MS61, an 1856-S Liberty Seated Dime in NGC AU55, a stunningly eye appealing 1807 Draped Bust Half Dollar in PCGS VG08 and an attractive and blasty 1908 Barber Dime in PCGS MS62. These coins and other newps from the show will be posted by Monday.

The pace here has been incredibly consistent and, for me, perfect. I even showed up to my Liberty Seated Collectors Club social a few minutes late, which is the first time that has happened in a few years. I typically leave the show around 530 to head up to the Rock Bottom Brewery to host the social, but found myself wrapping up last minute business last night as the bourse was closing. Our club social was fantastic! We had wonderful numismatic conversation throughout the evening, we laughed, we cried, we always have a great group and really enjoy one another. I host the LSCC social every Thursday night in Long Beach (February, June and September) so if you’re at the show in June, please join us! The public has been unleashed this morning, here’s hoping for a day equally as promising as yesterday. I’ll update tonight if I can find a canoe to return to my hotel safely.



Liberty Seated Collectors Club social

New Purchases!

The wind is picking up.

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Greetings From Long Beach!

Hello from warm and sunny Long Beach! I landed in Los Angeles yesterday morning and got through set-up day unscathed. Long Beach opens to dealers for a dealer-only set up day on Wednesday afternoon. In addition to dealer set-up, the show hosts what is affectionately referred to as the “West Coast Beer-fest” The show treats the dealers to southwestern appetizers and beer. This, of course, is the only reason I get to Long Beach early on Wednesday! All kidding aside, as a retail dealer there isn’t much business consummated during dealer set-up. The show truly begins for me when the public opening occurs on Thursday morning at 10am.

At the end of the day, I headed out to eat at the Green Onion, a Mexican restaurant just outside Long Beach with our good friends Dennis Hengeveld of VOC Numismatics and Lynn and Cheryl Ourso of New Orleans Rare Coins. We had a wonderful dinner, excellent food and great conversation. The first day in Long Beach is, well, long. Having been up since 4 in the morning to catch my flight West and then a busy set-up day and dinner, I arrived at the hotel around 9pm (or midnight east coast time) and finally head to pillow around 1030, nearly 22 hours after my day began. Needless to say, I slept very well indeed!

In addition to the blog I’ll update again tomorrow, I’ll be tweeting from the bourse this trip. Follow us here: Twitter  for the latest news from the Long Beach Expo!



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eBay Store is now open!

I forgot to post this last week, but we now have an eBay store. In addition to the inventory on the website I have a lot of inventory around the office that seems like it might be worth a shot on eBay. Some of the inventory I’ll post here won’t quite match up with the DORC niche, others are problem coins or older inventory. Please check it out and send me feedback if you get a chance. Anything on eBay I can sell directly if you contact me through our website and mention the coin is on eBay. I can work with you a little on pricing if you buy it directly through our website.

Oh, before I forget, the store is here….

I will also be toying around with eBay auctions in the coming months. I’ll mention it here or in a customer email. If you want to stay in the loop regarding all things DORC, join our email list or join us on Facebook or join us on Twitter.

Okay, I’ll check back in with you guys from Long Beach on Wednesday.



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Long Beach Preview…

Winter Long Beach…

I hope you are all doing and feeling wonderfully! This is a quick note reminding you all that the Long Beach Coin Expo begins Wednesday in Long Beach California. I will be located at table 1029 with limited inventory. If you’d like for me to bring anything currently on the website please let me know no later than tomorrow evening. I have a very early flight out to Long Beach Wednesday morning. I will be at the show Wednesday, Thursday and until the end of the day Friday. Please note that I will not be in attendance Saturday.

I will be hosting a Liberty Seated Collectors Club (LSCC) social at the Rock Bottom Brewery on Thursday night. We meet at the restaurant after the show closes. See me at table 1029 for more information. You don’t need to be a club member to join us, all are welcome!

I will be live blogging the show right here. Visit the blog early and often for updates this week from Long Beach and beyond!

I will be live-Tweeting from the bourse. If you don’t have Twitter or if you do but don’t follow me (@DORCISMS) , please consider doing so here…

I’ll post again Wednesday from the show.


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Long Beach in review and random thoughts…

This gallery contains 2 photos.

In my best effort to not sound pessimistic, let me say this show met my incredibly low expectations. I’d like to offer my sincere gratitude to the ANA leadership for having effectively destroyed two coin shows in the matter of a … Continue reading

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The ANA World’s Fair of Money was held in Anaheim California the second week in August. Dick and I were both in attendance. The show was predictably slow, as it was held in the same southern California area that hosts the Long Beach Coin Expo three times a year. As much as I love Long Beach and coming out to this area three times a year, there is no reason to have an ANA operated convention in the same area as any of the major shows held with such repetition. We saw this play out in Los Angeles in 2009 and in Philadelphia more recently (within an hour ride of the Baltimore Whitman Expo); there is only so much retail fruit a market can bare before the tree withers and dies. The Chicago shows were successful in that an ANA convention in a major middle American city with ample hotel and air options gives travelers a much easier financial option in attending. It would seem less money spent on air and hotel means more money spent on the bourse and ultimately the attendees collection. Even Dick would agree, that’s not rocket science.

NEWPS from Anaheim are posted and live under the new purchases tab on the home page of the website. More coins will be posted in the coming days.

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Baltimore New Purchases are on the website!

The Whitman Coin Expo in Baltimore closed on Sunday last weekend and we’ve worked up and posted our new purchases now for sale on the website. We picked up some really nice Seated Dollars, Seated Half Dollars, Seated Quarters, Seated Dimes, Bust Dimes and Bust Dollars!! New purchases can be located here:

All newps are imaged and available for sale.

Our website issues are being worked on by a third party web engineer. We are still having issues with our shopping cart. If you see a coin you’d like to purchase, just email Brian at or call/text Brian at 603-767-7745. Brian can also run credit cards through our online processor

Happy Hunting!
Brian P Cushing

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Baltimore Whitman Expo….

The spring Baltimore Whitman Expo wrapped up yesterday afternoon and, all in all, it was quite unimpressive. The bourse was about as lively as a summer show, which is to say not much was happening. Attendance continues to decline at the conventions and retail sales continue to dry up at the shows and flourish on the web. I was able to purchase a few really neat coins for the website. I should be posting newps and sending out a show note in the next day or two. Among the new purchases are a really nice, blasty 1865 Seated Dollar in PCGS AU53, a flashy and rare 1852-O Seated Half in PCGS AU55 and a very difficult and attractive 1807 Bust Dime in PCGS AU50. If you aren’t currently subscribed to our newsletter, please sign up here:
Our next show is Central States in Schaumburg Illinois. We currently do not plan to have a table at this show. We will be there to walk the floor and buy new inventory. I will, however, bring any current inventory to be viewed for purchase, upon request.
Wishing you all a wonderful first week of April.
Happy Hunting.

Brian P Cushing

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Houston Show and Website Info…

Well I arrived in Houston Wednesday morning this week as my pal John Frost and I jetted down from Boston ahead of the Houston Money Show. The show ran Thursday through Saturday; Thursday featured a public opening at one. It was surprisingly busy for an opening day and only five hours of open bourse time for collectors. We were swamped for about three of the five hours we were open on Thursday. Friday and Saturday were pretty slow, unfortunately. A promising start, a disappointing completion to the Money Show of the Southwest.

Dick, John and I are now in Kemah working on the Liberty Seated Dollar website. John heads back to Boston Monday night and I Wednesday night. I will have an announcement later this coming week regarding the progress we make here in Kemah. Visit and for updates on the website.

Warm Holiday Wishes!

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New Purchases…

New purchases from our show in Baltimore have been posted on the website. You can find them here…

All new purchases have been imaged. I will be adding more by the weekend.

Happy Hunting!

Brian P Cushing

My Numismakids!

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