Key date and rare variety coinage
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1795 Flowing Hair Half Dime NGC AU58 LM-10
Variety: LM-10
1796 Draped Bust Dollar ANACS EF40 B-2
Variety: B-2
Small Eagle
Our price: $9,250.00
Our price: $9,250.00
1825/4/3 Capped Bust Quarter AG3 B-3 Terminal Die State
Variety: B-3
The terminal die state. UNITED is nearly obliterated by a massive cud. Common as a variety, but R7 in this die state. The cud appears to be complete, with no vestige of NITE remaining
1836 Gobrecht Dollar PCGS PR58 J-60
Variety: J-60
J-60 Restrike
Our price: $695.00
Our price: $19,950.00
1836 Reeded Edge Half Dollar PCGS AU55 JR-1
Variety: JR-1
Reeded Edge
1849 Liberty Seated Dollar PCGS AU55 OC-1
Variety: OC-1
Our price: $7,950.00
Our price: $1,595.00
1852-O Liberty Seated Quarter XF40- BRIGGS 1-B
Variety: Briggs 1-B
Briggs Plate Coin
1856 Liberty Seated Dollar PCGS PR62 OC-P1
Variety: OC-P1
A choice example.
Our price: $2,450.00
Our price: $8,750.00
1856-S Liberty Seated Dime NGC MS63 F-101
Variety: F-101
1856-S/s Liberty Seated Quarter PCGS XF45 Briggs 4-E
Variety: Briggs 4-E
Large S/Small s
Our price: $11,750.00
Our price: $9,995.00
1859-S Liberty Seated Quarter VF30
Variety: Briggs 1-A
1871-CC Liberty Seated Dollar PCGS XF45 OC-1
Variety: OC-1
A great coin!
Our price: $1,495.00
Our price: $19,750.00
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