Our Liberty Seated Dollar Book website at SeatedDollarVarieties.com is now live and ready to be enjoyed. We continue to work on rarity estimates, but all known date and variety information is now posted and will be updated as new information is discovered. Please contact us at rarecoins@dickosburn.com should you find a coin in your collection with die diagnostics not yet cataloged in our book.

Please check this section of our website for book related updates and other information pertaining to our research project.

Best Regards!

Brian P Cushing

Dick Osburn




1/2/2017: Happy New Year! Unfortunately, Dick and I were unable to get together at the Houston Money Show. I had a very sick two year old at home and made the executive decision to skip the show and my trip to Kemah. I look forward to this trip very much as I spend a week with Dick and Ruth early each December. Dick and I did talk by phone and continue to work on rarity estimations. As we work through rarity estimation we are also discovering new dies. As we've both stated in the past, it is more important to have a book as complete as possible at time of print than to have a book as quickly as possible. That being said, we fully expect to make additional discoveries after the book does go to print. We continue to update the website with new information and rarity information as the work is completed. Please continue to visit the website and send us your feedback. It's been most helpful during the process. SeatedDollarVarieties.com

8/12/2016: Dick and I are wrapping up the ANA in Anaheim and have started to plan our next Seated Dollar Summit in Kemah, tentatively planned for October. We are at the stage now we are researching rarity information for each die marriage we've discovered to date. This work is tedious and time consuming, but a necessary task as we approach the final stretch prior to sending our research project off to the printer. This work involves searching auction archives and data collected in our research and through the DORC business. We still hope to have the book ready for early 2017, but with the Whitman Expo in Baltimore a more realistic target now. As always, please visit the website and send us your feedback. It's been most helpful during the process. SeatedDollarVarieties.com

4/11/2016: The website is now fully complete and ready to utilize. We have populated the date by date analysis to include all currently known die marriages to the authors. We continue to work on the glossary of terms and the Rarity numbers. Our goal at this point is to complete the Rarity research and begin the process of preparing the book to o to the printer with the hopes of having the book available for sale at the FUN show in Fort Lauderdale Florida for the Winter convention of 2017. As for now, enjoy the website and attribute those Seated Dollars!! SeatedDollarVarieties.com

3/14/2016: The website is nearly complete. Dick and I are currently working on editing the content to fix spelling and other minor errors. Please continue to check the site and send feedback. We are especially hoping to receive feedback regarding potential new die discoveries, etc. rarecoins@dickosburn.com, bpcushing@gmail.com, dickosburn@comcast.net.

12/6/2015: We can't believe it's been a year since the last Houston Money Show. Dick and I are in Kemah working on the Dollar research with our pal John Frost. John and I are both staying a few days after the coin show to work on the website. We have completed much of the research and are now formatting that research for the website. We will be adding many, many dates to the website this week. I'll have a full update later in the week when I return home from Houston.

3/26/15: Brian made the announcement at this morning's Liberty Seated Coin Club meeting that our website, www.seateddollarvarieties.com is now up and running. Although not complete, we will populate the site over the next few months and hope to collect additional information from the collecting public before we go to the print with our reference guide sometime in the near future. Enjoy!

3/21/15: Well, we wrapped up our Winter Seated Dollar Summit in Kemah Texas today. Dick and I were joined by good friend John Frost, co-author of the Double Dimes book among other things. John was the driving force behind the website and the format Dick and I ultimately chose for our web-book. None of this would have been possible without John. We enjoyed numismatic camaraderie, beer (Dr. Pepper for John), steaks and ice cream... oh, and we worked on the website, developed content for the site and started to build the year to year die marriage analysis pages. There is much more work to come, but the site is ready to be unveiled next week. Stay tuned.

1/9/15: After a meeting of the minds at FUN in Orlando John, Dick and I are planning a web summit in Kemah in March of this year. I'll update you all as plans progress. We are very excited to present many of our findings to the numismatic community.

12/7/14: Dick and I have enlisted the help of good buddy John Frost as we begin to build web pages for our website. John has a lot of experience thanks to his work on his own website www.doubledimes.com. We got a crach course in HTML. We also watched some good college football during his visit.