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Appraisal Services


Dick Osburn Rare Coins ("DORC") appraisals are available by appointment. DORC will provide you with a current full market opinion of the value of you collection. The DORC appraisal fee is $75 per hour for a verbal appraisal or $125 per hour for a written appraisal (much more work involved). Should an appraisal require a DORC respresentative to travel, there will be an agreed upon fee for travel expenses based on your location (and in addition to the hourly fee). Should you sell or consign your collection to DORC the appraisal fee will be waived (travel expenses will not be waived). Appraisals will be performed at a bank or secure location unless otherwise agreed upon.

Please contact Brian Cushing at OsburnCushing@gmail.com to discuss your options.