Seated Dollar Book – Updated information on 1861 Proof Dies…

Since our book was published in January, 2018, there have been no new die
marriages discovered. This means either that we did a near-perfect job of
identifying them, or that there hasn’t been a lot of dollars being attributed. We
hope that the reason is the former, but we suspect it’s the latter. Due to the
overall scarcity of the series and the small number of serious collectors we don’t
believe that a lot of Seated Dollars get attributed. Our kudos to both Heritage
and Stacks-Bowers, who are using our die marriage information in their auction

Although no new die marriages have been discovered, there has been one
change to the die marriage listings. In cataloguing Seated Dollars for the Stacks-
Bowers Spring Baltimore auction John Pack identified an 1861 proof as a new
die marriage, with the only known 1861 proof obverse die, our Obverse P1,
paired with the reverse die first used to strike proofs in 1856, our Reverse 1856

A quick review of our pictures in the Stacks-Bowers auction catalog confirmed
that John’s attribution was correct. He deserves much credit for being thorough
enough to not only determine that the coin represented an undocumented die
marriage, but to also determine that the reverse die was transitional. However,
further research revealed that the marriage was not truly a new one. Rather, it
represented an error we made in analyzing the known 1861 proof die marriages.
We identified two distinct reverse dies, our Reverses PA and PB. We failed to
identify Reverse PB as transitional – the same die first used in 1856. The correct
terminology identifies this die as Reverse 1856 PA. We’ve updated the 1861
chapter of our on-line version of the book ( to
reflect this new information. This die is pervasive throughout the book since it’s
used in other years and for several notable restrikes. We probably haven’t caught all the appearances outside the 1861 chapter, but we’re working on it.

Another ramification of this discovery involves the year 1859. The book notes that a review of the Heritage archives revealed a single coin that didn’t appear to match the one known die marriage for 1859 proofs. This coin, which was sold in the Reiver sale in January, 2006, may possibly be a rare die marriage which paired the normal proof obverse with Reverse 1856 PA. Unfortunately, the quality of the picture in the Heritage archives isn’t sufficient to conclusively identify the reverse as 1856 PA, but we have a strong suspicion that it is. Moreover, this raises that possibility that the die was also used in 1860. We haven’t seen an example, but it’s reasonable to assume that the die, if used for regular-issue proofs in 1861, and probably also in 1859, was used in 1860. We reviewed enough 1860 proofs in the Heritage archives to know that this die marriage, if it exists, is rare. If the pandemic continues, we’ll get them all reviewed.

1856 reverse PA lumps on L 1856 reverse PA lumps on S1

We invite comments. We’d particularly love to hear if someone out there owns
the 1859 proof from the Reiver sale. It’s an NGC PR64. Unless it’s been re-
holdered it will still have the Reiver provenance noted on the holder.

Happy Hunting!
Dick & Brian

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New Purchases and Central States…

Greetings All-

A quick update on a few things for those of you interested in such… in the past week I’ve posted new purchases, all fully imaged and available for sale on the website. The NEW PURCHASES link is here…

The new purchases include tough Overton varieties that are recognized by the BHNC, some popular Red Book Overton varieties and a few top pop for the variety examples; very cool coins!

I’ve also posted a few better and tough date Seated coins of all denominations and, wait for it, copper?! Take a look and see if anything piques your interest.

Regarding NEWPS, moving forward I plan to move coins off the New Purchases page after a month on the website. This will help clean up the link and give more presence to fresher inventory. These older NEWPS will be moved to the “Featured Inventory” link. If you go to the NEW PURCHASES link today you will notice we have over 100 coins posted, many of which are Early Dollars. Those coins are moving to the “Featured Inventory” category beginning this weekend.

My hope is to add additional new purchases to the website after Easter and before Central States, but don’t hold me to it!

As for Central States, I elected not to take a table there. I will be at the show Wednesday until the end of the day Friday. If you’re looking for me, I can be reached on my cell phone at 603-767-7745 by calling me or text message. I expect to volunteer some of my time there at the National Silver Dollar Roundtable (NSDR) booth. I will most likely be there Friday during the day. I am unsure if I’ll be giving a presentation at Central States. If I do that would most likely be on Friday afternoon. Find me at the show for more information.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter weekend.

Happy Hunting.


Brian P Cushing

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Happy Autumn and other musings…

Happy Autumn my friends! Other than coin related conventions and trips, this is my favorite time of the year. Fall brings cooler weather and all the best holidays, especially when you can experience them through the eyes of little ones. My junior numismatist, Jackson “Jack”, is four years old now; can you believe it?! He is still more interested in trains and trucks than loops and albums, but I sneak in a little lesson here and there. Usually the lesson devolves into me trying to find a coin Jack has hidden. Thankfully he has his staple hiding spots, usually inside a shoe! Jack has recently decided Halloween is his favorite thing in the world. He points out every yard with decorations and particularly enjoys ghosts and skeletons. He is not a fan of witches, however. Jack will be Chase this year from Paw Patrol. He says Daddy should be a king! I’ll post some Halloween images later this month.

<<<regains focus on work>>> I am loading auctions onto eBay this week. I loaded 14 coins last night that will end on Saturday night and plan to load more coins tonight that will end on Sunday night. Please take a moment to view the auction lots here….

Osburn Cushing eBay store

Bid early and often!

I am loading new purchases “NEWPS” on the website throughout the week. Last week, I removed all coins posted under New Purchases to give us all a clean slate for NEWPS viewing. I’ve already added a few to the site and more are coming. Many Bust Dollars and a few Seated coins as well. Newps can be viewed here…

Osburn-Cushing NEWPS

As Summer turns to Fall, our attention turns to the Whitman Coin Expo in Baltimore Maryland. This years convention takes place from Thursday, October 25th until Sunday October 28th. We will be in attendance from Thursday through the end of the day Saturday. We will not be attending the show on Sunday. Our table number is to be determined. The show has moved us around a little over the past few years. I’ll post the table number under “Upcoming Show Schedule” when confirmed.

Osburn-Cushing Schedule

Wishing you all a wonderful first week of October!

Happy Hunting-



Brian P Cushing

Osburn Cushing Numismatics

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Baltimore Days 3 & 4….

Another Baltimore is in the books. I made short appearances on both Saturday and Sunday, so not much to report.

On Saturday, my fiance was celebrating a birthday and we found an overnight babysitter for the kiddies, so my time at the show was restricted to the morning. I also had promised a good friend of mine, a well-regarded wholesale dealer, and his lovely wife a ride out to the airport around noon.

I got to the show just before the public was unleashed Saturday morning and found what I always find at a Saturday Baltimore, the dealer exodus had begun. Many of the dealers leave Friday night or first thing Saturday morning, as the out-of-towners typically wrap up their business by Friday. Hurrying now to the airport to catch a flight, many depart the bourse no later than noon on Saturday. As the new landscape emerges, many of the dealers still inhabiting the bourse by Saturday afternoon and again Sunday are locals who hope to snag a few more last minute transactions before heading home.

My last hours of retail time featured a few wonderful Seated Dollar conversations, me giddy about confirming the 1847 OC-4 Reverse state B cud on Friday (I know, I’m a nerd!) and the sale of a really nice Seated Half Dollar to a good buddy of mine.  Too soon was it time to wrap up business and lock up my wares, then off to BWI and the birthday festivities of that day.

Jens family had a nice birthday celebration planned for 3pm at an Italian restaurant just outside the city and, until my little guy Jack hit the grouchy, pre-nap toddler wall, I was quite enjoying the afternoon. Jack and I took a nap-drive, soon thereafter he was out and dreaming of trains and trucks. Jen and I somehow talked her younger sister into taking the kiddies for an overnight adventure and so we quickly planned an escape into the city for that evening.

We enjoyed our free night with a walk in the Inner Harbor, a stop at the Hard Rock Cafe and then a quick jaunt to Power Plant Live. Once there we enjoyed a few adult libations at Howl at the Moon before the piece de resistance, the Horseshoe Casino. At the casino, we mostly enjoy walking about and people watching. We played the penny and quarter slots. The entertainment of people-watching typically pays for itself. After a few games, and realizing a 3pm linner (lunch/dinner) would not hold us for the night, we started looking for a place within the casino to eat. We settled on the Gordon Ramsey steakhouse, which until we sat I didn’t realize was a close relative in pricing to Ruths’ Chris and the Capitol Grille. Startled but resolved to put a wonderful cherry on the top of her birthday, we enjoyed a fantastic, albeit expensive dinner .

Having finished up about 1am and coming to the realization that we had to wrap up at the bourse and pick up kiddies around noon the next day, we decided to play another hour and head to the hotel. I had given Jen a hundred dollar bill to gamble with for her birthday and so we hit the penny slots again, this time Jen found a slot she felt good about and I, her trusty shadow, aimed to keep her company while I milked my twenty bucks on the slot next to hers. Jen did well, got up to almost four hundred bucks before I finally convinced her to cash out with just over three-hundred. My twenty got to sixty before I cashed out at a penny! Unfortunately, the penny I received when cashing out was not a 55 double die. Oh well. We had a great time celebrating her big day.

Sunday morning we enjoyed breakfast before heading to the convention center to pack up and depart the show for good. Sunday is a virtual ghost town on the bourse. The show, which opened with nearly three hundred dealer tables, sported perhaps twenty or so dealers remaining as we left. Jen doesn’t always come to the show with me, mostly because finding a sitter is not easy and also because it is impossible when I travel. We have kiddies and kitties, so someone needs to be running the homestead at all times. Before departing we said hello to some of our local dealer friends who remained. I heard a neat story from a local dealer about an 1800 proof set he purchased on a Sunday in Baltimore which included all but a few of the gold coins. I’ve personally done about 5 Sundays in Baltimore and only sold one coin, a proof Trade Dollar, which was promptly returned to me two months later after not “crossing” into a PCGS holder. Although beyond the time allowed, I accepted the return to avoid internet chat room hostilities. Needless to say, I don’t set up on Sunday!

All in all, another good show put on by the fine folks at Whitman had come to an end. So long Baltimore! Central States is up next in late April. See you there.

Happy Hunting.



Brian P. Cushing


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Baltimore, Day 2….

Well, day two is in the books. I’m back to the homestead having by-passed Little Italy or one of the many fine steak houses in the city, opting instead for a ham and cheese wrap at home so I could bring you this sweet slice of literary bliss I call my blog.

The morning started with traffic, a lot of traffic. More traffic than humanly possible for a Friday morning coming into Baltimore. Sadly I’m not talking about the bourse traffic, but the commute traffic!  295 is a quick trip into the city from the airport area and offers a nice glimpse of the city landscapes, including the football stadium and Camden Yards, which nearly neighbors the Convention Center. Heavy congestion and a fender bender added a good 15 minutes to my last 2 miles. The real kick in the mid-section was finding my go-to parking garage was full. Fortunately I found a garage just a block away and I was off to get my morning coffee.

Coffee update, Starbucks inside the convention center was closed. With two good sized conventions running at the same time, finding the coffee stand closed on a Friday morning was a dagger of sorts. Some might call it a second swift kick to the groin region, an ominous start to a day I’d hoped would be gloriously rewarding. I regrouped and grabbed mediocre hotel coffee. It was then time for a different kind of pick-me-up, the Liberty Seated Collectors’ Club educational seminar. It worked.

Bill Bugert, of the Liberty Seated Half Dollar Book fame (among many, may other wonderful accomplishments) put on an incredibly interesting power point regarding the many die cracks on the reverse of an 1843 Half Dollar. It was a great talk and really inspired me to take a second and third look at my 1843 Seated Half Dollars both in inventory and in the NEWPS box. Bill also handed out a picture print out of the different die marriages with a diagram of each marriages die cracks. Really cool stuff! If you didn’t attend the show and would like me to send a scan, let me know. I may post it here tomorrow if I get a chance.

With many thanks to Bill, I was now fired up to open the booth and welcome the awaiting public. The seminar ends as the public is allowed onto the bourse, so opening the table as quickly as possible I found I had time to work up NEWPS (check back tomorrow for a quick list of the newps coming from this show). I was surprised at the lack of activity to start the morning, perhaps I just missed the initial buzz as I was wrapping up the seminar and got ot the table a little after ten. Things did pick up later in the morning and then, I had my greatest moment of the show so far (other than my soap-box speech on Old Bay seasoning that is. A customer approached the table and handed me a very interesting Liberty Seated Dollar.

The coin was gorgeous. A beautiful 1847 Seated Dollar, as crusty and original as I’ve seen in an XF holder. I even agreed wholeheartedly with the well deserved CAC sticker affixed to the holder. A really a great mid-range example. What amazed me is what I observed when I flipped the coin over. First, let me quickly rewind and set the stage…

Dick and I, in our new book “Liberty Seated Dollars: A Register of Die Varieties” mention in our section on 1847 Dollars that our die marriage, OC-4 perhaps has a B die state of the reverse die with a CUD on the rim. Neither Dick nor I have seen one in hand. Dick didn’t handle one in all his time as a dealer. I’ve never seen one in all my time as a dealer. In seven years of extensive and exhaustive research for our Seated Dollar book, neither of us have seen the CUD. Dick did read about one in an old auction archive (without images) and hence we decided to put the unverified die state in our book. Okay, back to today…

To my great wonder and surprise… and excitement, this coin had a CUD on the reverse rim! The CUD on this coin was located on the rim across from the upper arrow and it was BOLD! This coin also featured extensive die cracks throughout the legend. As neat a piece as it is rare! The newly confirmed die state will be added to our Dollar Book website in the very near future…

After I settled down from the excitement of confirming this previously unconfirmed die state, I sent Dick an email outlining my findings and sending images of the coin for his records. Dick responded almost immediately with one sentence, “Get good images.” With only a cell phone camera at the show, I requested and the customer promised to send good digital images for the website. What an exciting turn of events!

My day started to wind down before it ever seemed to start on the retail side. I saw many customers but most seemed more interested in talking about or purchasing the book. I did move a few more inventory pieces before I turned my attention to attributing NEWPS. With a lot of time at home taken up by the kiddies and all the travel, I use any downtime at the shows to attribute NEWPS or start loading them into excel spreadsheets, the life-blood or our X-cart based website platform. I seemed to have more time for these tasks today than I expected for a Friday in Baltimore. Alas, it was time to depart.

After locking up and leaving the bourse I headed to the Hilton with my good buddies Ray and Phil Hinkelman of Eye Appealing Coins and one of our wholesale buddies. The post-bourse drink is a great way to wind down after a tense, sometimes stressful and sometimes exhilarating day at the show. The group is usually larger than the dinner group, as some part ways with separate dinner plans or auction and/or coin work to be done that night takes them another direction. Tonight I was the one leaving the group. They went off to enjoy a nice Italian feast and, as previously mentioned I rushed home to eat a wrap and write the blog.

More to come tomorrow, truly the final day at the show (even though it technically ends Sunday). Dealers, much like rats fleeing a sinking ship, scamper off to the airport in the late morning and early afternoon hours of Saturday. Left behind a virtual ghost town of empty booths with half empty bottles of water, removed coin stickers, cracked slabs and left over pizza scattered about. It’s a bit embarrassing how messy our booths look when we depart a show really. I’ll be on the bourse at show open and will be dropping off friends at the airport late morning only to return to the show for a few hours in the early afternoon. If you’ll be at the show, I’ll be in and out but will be attending tomorrow and located again at 1028. A final blog post will follow the show, if my ship doesn’t sink.

Bon appetite.


Brian P Cushing


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Baltimore, Day 1….

Random thoughts and observations after wrapping a neat lil’ bow on day one at the Whitman Expo…

Thankfully the show proved more active than expected. Many brave travelers navigated the winter winds and abundant snow drifts to join us on day one. Retail sales were surprisingly steady. Many NEWPS were purchased. We are eternally grateful.

Do you close an eye when using your loop? I keep both eyes open, and didn’t realize that until today. Then I spent ten minutes experimenting with open and closed eyes while attributing Bust Halves. Now I’m curious how many of you attribute with one eye shut. Open your eyes people of numismatics!

Every day in Baltimore, my good buddy John Frost always grabs me lunch at a great deli across the street from the convention center. On a typical day in Baltimore I get in a bite or two in between action. The last show I threw out lunch, on my way out the door, without ever opening the lid. I’m happy to report I finished my cheesesteak sub at 5pm today, a mere 4 plus hours later. Progress my friends, culinary progress.

A public service announcement: Avoid Old Bay! I don’t mean to offend my crab-influenced friends and part time neighbors, but I’ll never understand this Old Bay seasoning the fine people of Maryland put on every damn thing. I had a ten minute public, soap-box speech on this issue in the final moments of the show today. Crab cakes are okay. I mean, they aren’t Lobster or a steak at Ruths’ Chris for heavens sake, but they are pretty good. But please people, friends don’t let friends ruin food with bad seasoning choices. Crab cakes…. maybe a little tarter sauce and that’s it!

It’s a proud day for the blogger. Our business transition is nearly complete here at DORC/OCN. What does all this mean you might ask? Not much, just a name change after Dick suggested on numerous occasions that I add my name to the business. After much deliberation I finally decided on Osburn Cushing Numismatics. This will be the business name until I’m in the ground. When I entered our booth this morning I realized I’d signed up for this show under our new moniker. The good folks at Whitman made us new signs with the new name. “Osburn Cushing Numismatics, Peabody MA”. Pretty damn cool. Dick is and always will be a great friend and mentor and I’m so very humbled and proud to be his pupil. Onward and upward!

Oh, speaking of Osburn-Cushing, I have hard-bound and spiral-bound versions of our new book “Seated Dollars: A Register of Die Varieties” at our booth (#1028). If you’re interested in purchasing the book please visit me for details.

I had customers at my table today who drove, not flew, drove from Illinois, Upstate New York and West Virginia. I’m impressed. In crappy weather and from such a distance I wonder how many tables would be empty if we all had to drive and not fly to shows (within 8 hours). I bet we’d have a small bourse for those shows. I am camped out about thirty minutes from downtown Baltimore and wouldn’t even drive in on Wednesday night for dealer drop-off. I know from experience, and as a northerner, that the people here can’t drive in snow… one inch or one foot, same outcome. Disastrous.

The Liberty Seated Collectors’ Club (LSCC) educational seminar will be held at the Convention Center tomorrow morning at 9am. I’m unsure of the room number, but you can always text me in the morning 603.767.7745 if you get lost. Hope to see you there!

Speaking of the LSCC, I skipped dinner in the city with the club folks tonight to head back to the local homestead. I’m sure my blog would have been far more interesting and packed with better stories had I stayed in Baltimore tonight. Tomorrow night I plan to hang around a bit later for the post festivity adult libations and witty, scandalous and sometimes vulgar and offensive banter. Not all stories are blog appropriate but I’ll do my best to clean them up and present them for your pleasure. Until then, enjoy your evening my friends!




Brian P Cushing

Baltimore Blog, Day 1. March 22, 2018




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The Winter Black & Blues…

In the midst of yet another Nor’Easter, this one packing a blizzard punch, I figured I’d take the opportunity to blog about the past month or so of Numismatic-isms while waiting for my power to go out.

Since I last touched base, I’ve traveled to California, Florida and Texas. No, not a planned retreat from the latest of nasty winters, but for coin show travel and a brief break from reality, spring training baseball in Florida.

The Long Beach Coin Expo was held in late February this year at the Long Beach Convention Center in, you guessed it, Long Beach California. The show, once the largest and most active of its kind, has morphed into yet another wholesale focused show. The retail base that once pushed this show to greatness seems to have grown weary of California traffic and a lack of fresh material on the bourse. As the lack of buying retail continues to force retail dealers to attempt to move more coins through the wholesale avenues, those coins come off the market faster, finding homes with want list customers or cruising the wholesale circuit, swapping amongst dealer cases with such speed, a mere blinking of one’s eye would see the coin disappear for all eternity. Wow, that was a long, run-on sentence… you’re welcome!

The show did offer a glimpse of hope in the form of my Liberty Seated Collectors’ Club (LSCC)/Barber Coin Collectors’ Society (BCCS) dual social at the Rock Bottom Brewery on our traditional Thursday night. The social attracted an impressive fifteen attendees overall, allowing for lively discussion and a wonderful evening with fellow dealers, collectors and the like. I’m almost inspired to try another LSCC educational seminar one morning before the bourse opens to the public. Perhaps I will try this at the June or September show? Thoughts on the subject??

My week in between the Long Beach Coin Expo and the ANA National Money Show in Irving Texas was spent with my eldest son Andrew (now 13 believe it or not!) traveling across Southern Florida following the Boston Red Sox during MLB Spring Training. Andrew and I started in Fort Myers, where the Red Sox spend a majority of their spring at JetBlue Park (or Fenway South as the locals call it). I find the seating more befitting of our current structures as I do the park in Boston, built to fit the bodies of the masses back in the early 1900’s! We got in a game in Fort Myers and then followed the squad to Jupiter and West Palm Beach. All in all we saw games versus Pirates, Astros and Cardinals; tried some great burger joints and started working on our “farmers tans” after pretty silly looking burns in the candy-cane tradition. If you have kids that enjoy baseball, I can’t recommend Spring Training enough. Andrew and I talk about our experiences all year as we look forward to our next adventure. This was our fourth Spring Training trip. Andrew reports that we will be doing this forever! Sounds good to me!

Florida wrapped up with a stop in Baltimore and finally a trip to Boston before preparing for the ANA NAtional Money Show in Irving. The weather has been particularly brutal the past few weeks, after record highs in February, March and her Lion have reminded us it is still winter in New England. Please bring on the Lamb.

Departing the winter blitz, I headed south yet again. Irving Texas, home of this years’ ANA National Money Show. The show opened for dealer set-up on Wednesday afternoon and, after an uneventful day, I headed to my hotel room to work on new purchases and prepare for the shows retail opening on Thursday.

As many of you know, the ANA National Money Show is hosted in a different locale yearly. This years show in Irving featured a smaller than normal bourse area. Actually, the small size I found shocking to the eye. Fewer dealers appear to be traveling for the Spring ANA. In contrast, the World’s Fair of Money will be in Philadelphia this summer, a strong retail area drawing its base from both the Baltimore/DC and New York/NJ area. That show will most likely feature 3x the dealer booths in comparison. It was apparent early on that Irving would be a wholesale powered show. By Friday morning, having sold 2 coins and 1 book retail, I took to the floor to move some of the older inventory to dealers that could use Seated and Bust material. Within minutes of leaving my booth I found success moving a bundle of coins to a few of the wholesale buyers and also found some want list coins in other dealers cases. The ability to get out on the bourse for a while really paid dividends and helped rescue me from a show result that was heading towards an all time dud.

My favorite part of the show was the wonderful dinners I enjoyed with some of my very favorite dealers on the bourse. A lively group sharing some really funny travel stories, some of which I shared of my own experiences on the bourse and traveling in general. A future book perhaps? For now, personal memories I cherish and giggle-still at the conversations as I type this blog.

Baltimore is next up. Initial weather models are showing perhaps yet another whopper of a storm developing off the coast and turning into a monster Nor’Easter. Early forecasts have this one affecting the Baltimore/DC area on Tuesday/Wednesday next week before heading North. It is a long way off at this point, but a storm like that would be an unmitigated disaster for the Whitman Expo, with dealer drop off and set up scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday morning. Many dealers come into town early to wholesale. A big storm like that, should the forecast pan out, would be an absolute nightmare for those trying to fly into the area. Fingers crossed for sure. I’ll be there, ahead of the storm, neither sleet nor snow nor wind nor rain slowing me down.

Speaking of Baltimore, I will be at booth 1028 with full inventory and with books for sale, both hard-bound and spiral-bound. Come visit me! (see: or for more information).

After all this travel, a well earned (in my humble opinion) rest will come after Baltimore in the form of a month-long gap between shows. I will be at the Central States Coin Show in the Chicago area in late April. I do not plan to have a table at this show, but will be happy to bring specific inventory if requested to do so ahead of time. I also will be hosting a presentation on Liberty Seated Dollars on behalf of the Silver Dollar Roundtable. I’ll post a blog with more information about my presentation as Central States nears.

I’ll  be posting new purchases (NEWPS) this week. Keep your eyes peeled for an email update. If you’re not currently on our email list, sign up here…

mailing list

Here’s a quick preview of upcoming NEWPS to be posted (pricing and attribution to follow)….

1862/1 Three Cent Silver PCGS MS66

1803 Half Dime PCGS F12

1835 Half Dime PCGS AU50 Large 5C

1807 Dime PCGS VG08

1865-S Seated Dime PCGS VF25

1805 Quarter PCGS VG08

1843-O Seated Quarter PCGS FR02 Large O

1854-O Seated Half PCGS AU58 CAC

1891 Seated Quarter PCGS MS64

1839 Seated Half PCGS VG08 No Drapery

1874-CC Seated Half PCGS AG03 CAC

1874-S Seated Half PCGS AU58

1877-CC Seated Half PCGS AU50 Closed Bud Med CC

1878-CC PCGS G04

1846-O Seated Dollar NGC AU58

1871 Seated Dollar PCGS XF40

To my friends in New York, New Jersey and New England…. May you stay warm, not lose your power and make many, many snowman friends. Be safe everyone!

Happy Hunting!


Brian P Cushing

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Goodbye, Hello….

So I meant to check in around Christmas-time, but with the travel centered around the kiddies, it was tough to find the time to sit and write. It’s been a challenging start to 2018 personally as I seem to have caught every sick bug going around this year. Thankfully I was able to get down to Tampa for the FUN convention in between a stomach virus and catching the flu.

FUN was a great show for us on the book side of things. Dick and I were so very proud to release our new book “Liberty Seated Dollars: A Register of Die Varieties” at the FUN show in Tampa. The response was tremendous and blew both of us away. Thank you for your support! The coin side of the show was very slow, but perhaps that was partially an effect of Dick and I being focused on the book release. We had upwards of 300 books to sign at the show as our travel plans would keep us apart for a little longer than we expected.

The Money Show of the Southwest, which was held in Conroe this past weekend, was a huge success as Dick reports. I was scheduled to attend but caught a nasty flu bug right after FUN and was out of commission for nearly 2 weeks. I’m still feeling the effects of this nasty virus, but able to function to some extent. I made the call to cancel my trip the night before I was to head to Texas. Dick and our buddy John Frost attended the show and were both stunned by how busy it was. Dick reports his best Money Show ever, as he brought Seated Halves and Seated Dollars from his personal inventory to the show and did very well. He also sold nearly 2 dozen books in Conroe, leaving him with precious few books for sale. I have a couple dozen books I’m picking up this week and will have those books for sale on our website and at the upcoming Whitman Expo in Baltimore (if we still have books by then). If you’re interested in the book, I strongly suggest you contact me soon. We expect to be completely sold out of the first printing in the next few months, if not sooner.

I will be visiting Kemah next week. I fly in Thursday and come back home Saturday night. Dick and I plan to sign the remaining books and update the website, among other tasks…. of course we’ll be at the Hoagie Ranch Friday night for the steak special! It’s a quick trip for me, with the Super Bowl scheduled for that Sunday and my Patriots back for their 8th trip since 2002. Here’s hoping for a great, competitive game with the only kneeling coming at the end of regulation.

My next show is the Long Beach Coin Expo February 22-24. I’ll be at my usual shared table with Arrowhead Coin and Jewelry. I’ll also be hosting the Liberty Seated Collectors’ Club/Barber Coin Collectors’ Society dual social at the Rock Bottom Brewery on Thursday night at 630pm. If you plan to attend the show, consider joining us at the social. Share a drink, some good food and plenty of numismatic camaraderie with fellow collectors.

So, goodbye to 2017 and welcome to 2018! I hope this post finds you all healthy, happy and finding wonderful treasures in all you do!

Happy Hunting.

Brian P Cushing


above: 1861-O Seated Half Dollar, W-13, VLDS (WB-103/WB-104) Bisected Date/Speared Bud. A CSA product. The pictured coin is uncirculated with heavy hairlines. NEWP for sale at $1750. See New Purchases on the home page of the website for more information.

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Many thanks!

I was told recently by a wonderful friend of mine that it had been awhile since I posted a blog update. So, here I go…. what to say… it’s been an up and down year. The coin market continues to frustrate and surprise. Other than ultra rarities, we continue to survive in a buyers market. Plenty of low and mid grade examples of common to semi-key date Seated and Bust material are readily available on the bourse. The rare varieties and key-dates have all but dried up, either hidden in long time collections or held onto by dealers hoping for a stronger market to move their crown jewels. I’ve been fortunate to pick up a couple of wonderful consignments in the past month or two and those coins will bridge the gap to what I hope to be a great 2018.

The recently completely Whitman Expo in downtown Baltimore was a really nice surprise as it now stands to be my last show of the year (seems early!). We had two very busy days at the show, reminding me that you’re never to young to invest in depends. I left at show end on Friday night to travel to New Hampshire for my son Andrew’s 13th birthday. It’s amazing to have a teenager. He’s a great kid. He and I have a lot of similar interests, most of which are sports related… unfortunately, Andy hasn’t discovered his Dad’s love of coins! I’m still holding out hope for the cheap/free labor a summer internship could bring me down the road. Kidding aside, it was tough to leave a promising show, but I’d never miss my kids birthday. My daughter Ella was born in mid-May, which is why you’ll never see me at the Garden State coin show (a show I would love to attend otherwise). My youngest, Jack, is mid-July; which usually misses the summer FUN. It wouldn’t matter though… Family first, always.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I ended a long standing personal tradition this year. No, I didn’t cut back on my turkey consumption, nor did I avoid the many scrumptious pie options. My yearly habitual of watching NFL football in between eating and naps came to a close. I guess you could say I took a knee this year.

For those of you who don’t know, we do have an eBay store and, from time to time, run auctions on eBay. I posted a few auctions tonight which are set to close on Sunday night. A couple of neat Seated Half Dollar varieties and a couple odd-ball coins (copper). If you’re feeling lucky, go bid on a few pieces here….

Finally, the book is going to the printer early next month. It’s been a hell of a ride to get to this point. We’d be ten years away from a book if not for Dicks’ hard work and determination to get it done. Between the business, the travel and the kiddies, I haven’t exactly been laser-focused on the book. I’ve made contributions of which I am extremely proud, but I want to thank and recognize the tremendous dedication to the task that Dick has endured to make this moment a reality for the both of us. I also want to thank Ruth for all of her love and support to both of us over the course of this endeavor. I hope you all appreciate and enjoy this book, our gift to a numismatic community that has been so very good to us both.

I’ll be sure to check in around Christmas-time. Maybe writing this blog will prove to be therapeutic 🙂





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Thank God It’s Friday At Long Beach (TGIFALB). My newly formed acronym for what should be a great day here at Long Beach! I must admit, I’ve become somewhat pessimistic with coin shows. One of my New Years resolutions was to rediscover that positive outlook that I once held for these events. I’m pleased to report that what happened yesterday at Long Beach provided true promise for the market and hope for future shows. I found little time to escape the table to search for want list coins, which means I was selling and buying coins virtually all day. Liberty Seated Dollars remain hot here at the DORC table, followed by Bust and Seated Half Dollars.

I picked up a couple of wonderful newps, an 1860-S Liberty Seated Dime in NGC MS61, an 1856-S Liberty Seated Dime in NGC AU55, a stunningly eye appealing 1807 Draped Bust Half Dollar in PCGS VG08 and an attractive and blasty 1908 Barber Dime in PCGS MS62. These coins and other newps from the show will be posted by Monday.

The pace here has been incredibly consistent and, for me, perfect. I even showed up to my Liberty Seated Collectors Club social a few minutes late, which is the first time that has happened in a few years. I typically leave the show around 530 to head up to the Rock Bottom Brewery to host the social, but found myself wrapping up last minute business last night as the bourse was closing. Our club social was fantastic! We had wonderful numismatic conversation throughout the evening, we laughed, we cried, we always have a great group and really enjoy one another. I host the LSCC social every Thursday night in Long Beach (February, June and September) so if you’re at the show in June, please join us! The public has been unleashed this morning, here’s hoping for a day equally as promising as yesterday. I’ll update tonight if I can find a canoe to return to my hotel safely.



Liberty Seated Collectors Club social

New Purchases!

The wind is picking up.

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