Thank God It’s Friday At Long Beach (TGIFALB). My newly formed acronym for what should be a great day here at Long Beach! I must admit, I’ve become somewhat pessimistic with coin shows. One of my New Years resolutions was to rediscover that positive outlook that I once held for these events. I’m pleased to report that what happened yesterday at Long Beach provided true promise for the market and hope for future shows. I found little time to escape the table to search for want list coins, which means I was selling and buying coins virtually all day. Liberty Seated Dollars remain hot here at the DORC table, followed by Bust and Seated Half Dollars.

I picked up a couple of wonderful newps, an 1860-S Liberty Seated Dime in NGC MS61, an 1856-S Liberty Seated Dime in NGC AU55, a stunningly eye appealing 1807 Draped Bust Half Dollar in PCGS VG08 and an attractive and blasty 1908 Barber Dime in PCGS MS62. These coins and other newps from the show will be posted by Monday.

The pace here has been incredibly consistent and, for me, perfect. I even showed up to my Liberty Seated Collectors Club social a few minutes late, which is the first time that has happened in a few years. I typically leave the show around 530 to head up to the Rock Bottom Brewery to host the social, but found myself wrapping up last minute business last night as the bourse was closing. Our club social was fantastic! We had wonderful numismatic conversation throughout the evening, we laughed, we cried, we always have a great group and really enjoy one another. I host the LSCC social every Thursday night in Long Beach (February, June and September) so if you’re at the show in June, please join us! The public has been unleashed this morning, here’s hoping for a day equally as promising as yesterday. I’ll update tonight if I can find a canoe to return to my hotel safely.



Liberty Seated Collectors Club social

New Purchases!

The wind is picking up.

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