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I was told recently by a wonderful friend of mine that it had been awhile since I posted a blog update. So, here I go…. what to say… it’s been an up and down year. The coin market continues to frustrate and surprise. Other than ultra rarities, we continue to survive in a buyers market. Plenty of low and mid grade examples of common to semi-key date Seated and Bust material are readily available on the bourse. The rare varieties and key-dates have all but dried up, either hidden in long time collections or held onto by dealers hoping for a stronger market to move their crown jewels. I’ve been fortunate to pick up a couple of wonderful consignments in the past month or two and those coins will bridge the gap to what I hope to be a great 2018.

The recently completely Whitman Expo in downtown Baltimore was a really nice surprise as it now stands to be my last show of the year (seems early!). We had two very busy days at the show, reminding me that you’re never to young to invest in depends. I left at show end on Friday night to travel to New Hampshire for my son Andrew’s 13th birthday. It’s amazing to have a teenager. He’s a great kid. He and I have a lot of similar interests, most of which are sports related… unfortunately, Andy hasn’t discovered his Dad’s love of coins! I’m still holding out hope for the cheap/free labor a summer internship could bring me down the road. Kidding aside, it was tough to leave a promising show, but I’d never miss my kids birthday. My daughter Ella was born in mid-May, which is why you’ll never see me at the Garden State coin show (a show I would love to attend otherwise). My youngest, Jack, is mid-July; which usually misses the summer FUN. It wouldn’t matter though… Family first, always.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I ended a long standing personal tradition this year. No, I didn’t cut back on my turkey consumption, nor did I avoid the many scrumptious pie options. My yearly habitual of watching NFL football in between eating and naps came to a close. I guess you could say I took a knee this year.

For those of you who don’t know, we do have an eBay store and, from time to time, run auctions on eBay. I posted a few auctions tonight which are set to close on Sunday night. A couple of neat Seated Half Dollar varieties and a couple odd-ball coins (copper). If you’re feeling lucky, go bid on a few pieces here….

Finally, the book is going to the printer early next month. It’s been a hell of a ride to get to this point. We’d be ten years away from a book if not for Dicks’ hard work and determination to get it done. Between the business, the travel and the kiddies, I haven’t exactly been laser-focused on the book. I’ve made contributions of which I am extremely proud, but I want to thank and recognize the tremendous dedication to the task that Dick has endured to make this moment a reality for the both of us. I also want to thank Ruth for all of her love and support to both of us over the course of this endeavor. I hope you all appreciate and enjoy this book, our gift to a numismatic community that has been so very good to us both.

I’ll be sure to check in around Christmas-time. Maybe writing this blog will prove to be therapeutic 🙂





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