Goodbye, Hello….

So I meant to check in around Christmas-time, but with the travel centered around the kiddies, it was tough to find the time to sit and write. It’s been a challenging start to 2018 personally as I seem to have caught every sick bug going around this year. Thankfully I was able to get down to Tampa for the FUN convention in between a stomach virus and catching the flu.

FUN was a great show for us on the book side of things. Dick and I were so very proud to release our new book “Liberty Seated Dollars: A Register of Die Varieties” at the FUN show in Tampa. The response was tremendous and blew both of us away. Thank you for your support! The coin side of the show was very slow, but perhaps that was partially an effect of Dick and I being focused on the book release. We had upwards of 300 books to sign at the show as our travel plans would keep us apart for a little longer than we expected.

The Money Show of the Southwest, which was held in Conroe this past weekend, was a huge success as Dick reports. I was scheduled to attend but caught a nasty flu bug right after FUN and was out of commission for nearly 2 weeks. I’m still feeling the effects of this nasty virus, but able to function to some extent. I made the call to cancel my trip the night before I was to head to Texas. Dick and our buddy John Frost attended the show and were both stunned by how busy it was. Dick reports his best Money Show ever, as he brought Seated Halves and Seated Dollars from his personal inventory to the show and did very well. He also sold nearly 2 dozen books in Conroe, leaving him with precious few books for sale. I have a couple dozen books I’m picking up this week and will have those books for sale on our website and at the upcoming Whitman Expo in Baltimore (if we still have books by then). If you’re interested in the book, I strongly suggest you contact me soon. We expect to be completely sold out of the first printing in the next few months, if not sooner.

I will be visiting Kemah next week. I fly in Thursday and come back home Saturday night. Dick and I plan to sign the remaining books and update the website, among other tasks…. of course we’ll be at the Hoagie Ranch Friday night for the steak special! It’s a quick trip for me, with the Super Bowl scheduled for that Sunday and my Patriots back for their 8th trip since 2002. Here’s hoping for a great, competitive game with the only kneeling coming at the end of regulation.

My next show is the Long Beach Coin Expo February 22-24. I’ll be at my usual shared table with Arrowhead Coin and Jewelry. I’ll also be hosting the Liberty Seated Collectors’ Club/Barber Coin Collectors’ Society dual social at the Rock Bottom Brewery on Thursday night at 630pm. If you plan to attend the show, consider joining us at the social. Share a drink, some good food and plenty of numismatic camaraderie with fellow collectors.

So, goodbye to 2017 and welcome to 2018! I hope this post finds you all healthy, happy and finding wonderful treasures in all you do!

Happy Hunting.

Brian P Cushing


above: 1861-O Seated Half Dollar, W-13, VLDS (WB-103/WB-104) Bisected Date/Speared Bud. A CSA product. The pictured coin is uncirculated with heavy hairlines. NEWP for sale at $1750. See New Purchases on the home page of the website for more information.

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