Baltimore, Day 1….

Random thoughts and observations after wrapping a neat lil’ bow on day one at the Whitman Expo…

Thankfully the show proved more active than expected. Many brave travelers navigated the winter winds and abundant snow drifts to join us on day one. Retail sales were surprisingly steady. Many NEWPS were purchased. We are eternally grateful.

Do you close an eye when using your loop? I keep both eyes open, and didn’t realize that until today. Then I spent ten minutes experimenting with open and closed eyes while attributing Bust Halves. Now I’m curious how many of you attribute with one eye shut. Open your eyes people of numismatics!

Every day in Baltimore, my good buddy John Frost always grabs me lunch at a great deli across the street from the convention center. On a typical day in Baltimore I get in a bite or two in between action. The last show I threw out lunch, on my way out the door, without ever opening the lid. I’m happy to report I finished my cheesesteak sub at 5pm today, a mere 4 plus hours later. Progress my friends, culinary progress.

A public service announcement: Avoid Old Bay! I don’t mean to offend my crab-influenced friends and part time neighbors, but I’ll never understand this Old Bay seasoning the fine people of Maryland put on every damn thing. I had a ten minute public, soap-box speech on this issue in the final moments of the show today. Crab cakes are okay. I mean, they aren’t Lobster or a steak at Ruths’ Chris for heavens sake, but they are pretty good. But please people, friends don’t let friends ruin food with bad seasoning choices. Crab cakes…. maybe a little tarter sauce and that’s it!

It’s a proud day for the blogger. Our business transition is nearly complete here at DORC/OCN. What does all this mean you might ask? Not much, just a name change after Dick suggested on numerous occasions that I add my name to the business. After much deliberation I finally decided on Osburn Cushing Numismatics. This will be the business name until I’m in the ground. When I entered our booth this morning I realized I’d signed up for this show under our new moniker. The good folks at Whitman made us new signs with the new name. “Osburn Cushing Numismatics, Peabody MA”. Pretty damn cool. Dick is and always will be a great friend and mentor and I’m so very humbled and proud to be his pupil. Onward and upward!

Oh, speaking of Osburn-Cushing, I have hard-bound and spiral-bound versions of our new book “Seated Dollars: A Register of Die Varieties” at our booth (#1028). If you’re interested in purchasing the book please visit me for details.

I had customers at my table today who drove, not flew, drove from Illinois, Upstate New York and West Virginia. I’m impressed. In crappy weather and from such a distance I wonder how many tables would be empty if we all had to drive and not fly to shows (within 8 hours). I bet we’d have a small bourse for those shows. I am camped out about thirty minutes from downtown Baltimore and wouldn’t even drive in on Wednesday night for dealer drop-off. I know from experience, and as a northerner, that the people here can’t drive in snow… one inch or one foot, same outcome. Disastrous.

The Liberty Seated Collectors’ Club (LSCC) educational seminar will be held at the Convention Center tomorrow morning at 9am. I’m unsure of the room number, but you can always text me in the morning 603.767.7745 if you get lost. Hope to see you there!

Speaking of the LSCC, I skipped dinner in the city with the club folks tonight to head back to the local homestead. I’m sure my blog would have been far more interesting and packed with better stories had I stayed in Baltimore tonight. Tomorrow night I plan to hang around a bit later for the post festivity adult libations and witty, scandalous and sometimes vulgar and offensive banter. Not all stories are blog appropriate but I’ll do my best to clean them up and present them for your pleasure. Until then, enjoy your evening my friends!




Brian P Cushing

Baltimore Blog, Day 1. March 22, 2018




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