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Dick Osburn Rare Coins (DORC) is happy to market your coins via our consignment program. Traditionally, these sales do take longer, however you will typically see a greater return.

We've updated our consignment fees effective September 1, 2014 DORC consignment fees are as follows:

For coins selling between $1-$100: 20% of the sale price For coins selling between $101 and $500: 15% of the sale price For coins selling for over $501: 10% of the sale price

The consignment fee is graduated. ie. for a coin selling for $600 the fee is figured as 20% of the first $100, 15% of the amount between $101 and $499, and 10% for the amount over $501.

Due to the time and effort involved in marketing the coins DORC will not accept consignment coins with an estimated value less than $100 unless the coin is acquired as part of a full date or mintmark set.

Prior to DORC's listing of your coins there will be an agreement regarding your minimum return each coin. The DORC listing price will typically be set at least 10-20% more than your minimum or cost. The minimum will give DORC latitude to accept offers received at coin shows or through the mail. On the average DORC has returned consignors about 105% of their minimums.

Upon request, DORC will offer a "Direct Buy" price on your consigned coins should you require immediate funds.

email us at OsburnCushing@gmail.com to discuss your options.