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Grading & Coin Imaging


As we all know, grading rare coins is subjective. There truly is no black and white way to grade a rare coin. Many considerations effect the proper grading of a rare coin, including strike weakness, wear, rub, die marriage and state, flatness, cleaning and "as minted" die anomalies. As nationally recognized exports in early US silver coinage, we at Dick Osburn Rare Coins ("DORC") grade our coins with all of these factors taken into consideration. You will always find an honest opinion of any coin we offer for purchase on our website. The posted grade of all raw coins are the technical grade we give to that specific coin. When any type of problem is present (cleaning, whizzing, dipping, repair, graffiti, etc) we factor that problem into the "net grading" and pricing of that coin. We tend to discuss our opinion of the grade, net grading and/or the factors that lead us to grade a coin differently from the technical grade in the description field.

Coin Imaging

As with grading and the coin description, coin imaging is another piece of the puzzle when considering purchase. Please keep in mind that although DORC strives to take picture perfect images of our rare coins, not every photo we take is perfect. Beautiful toning can be difficult to capture, as can the cameo effect on a proof piece. At times the lighting can accentuate hairlines that are otherwise light or hide a hit or scratch in a shadow created by the design elements of a coin. In our time buying at auctions we've seen many coins in hand that do not come close to matching the online or cataloged image of that same coin. Well, the same goes for our images here at DORC. Although we strive to provide an image that represents the coin as viewed in hand, images sometimes leave much to be desired.